BTC 2017

Tameside Junior Duathlon
and Tameside Go-Tri Duathlon

Races for all ages and abilities. The Tristar and Youth races are part of the Triathlon England NW Series.

The ages for each event are in brackets and are the ages on 31.12.17. Enter on-line only. Entries close 01/08/2017 9:00am 

Junior Duathlon 

TriStars Start duathlon (8)    Run 400m,    Bike 1.5km,    Run 200m    £6.00

TriStars 1 duathlon (9-10)    Run 1.2km,    Bike 4km,    Run 400m    £11.00

TriStars 2 duathlon (11-12)    Run 1.6km,    Bike 6km,    Run 600m    £11.00

TriStars 1 duathlon (13-14)    Run 1.8km,    Bike 8km,    Run 800m    £11.00

TriStars 1 duathlon (15-19)    Run 2.4km,    Bike 10km,    Run 1.2kmm    £11.00

GO-TRI duathlon (which includes shorter distance races for children)

Go Tri Adult Duathlon (17+)    Run 2.4km,    Bike 10km,    Run 1.2km    £10.00

Go Tri Adult Sprint Duathlon (17+)    Run 1.2km,    Bike 4km,    Run 400m    £10.00

GO TRI Children's Duathlon (9 -16)    Run 1.2km,    Bike 4km,    Run 600m    £6.00

GO TRI Children's Sprint Duathlon (9 - 16)    Run 400m,    Bike 1.5km,    Run 300m    £6.00